Children ages three to five  attend a  weekly 15 minute chapel service in the church sanctuary. A Woodmont Christian Children's Ministry staff member leads the chapel service. Teachers attend with the children and parents are welcome to attend. 


Four and five-year-old children have the opportunity to visit our Art Studio weekly (once the Safety curriculum is complete).​ Curriculum includes introduction to important artists and techniques. Children will participate in project based learning that allows for investigation and experimentation.  

The Department of Human Services (DHS) rules require a personal safety curriculum be presented each year to all children in our care ages three to five years. Keeping Kids Safe teaches and trains in an environment that children can learn valuable safety information while having fun. The program allows providers to teach children the correct anatomical names for their body parts or use the general term "private body parts." Parent choice on this issue will be determined prior to implementation of the program. 

Four and five-year-old children have the opportunity to visit our Outdoor Classroom weekly. This fully equipped classroom is located outside, on the south end of the building. Children engage in unique outdoor activities to enhance experiences with gardening, building and music.


Our Natural Playground allows children to dig and build using natural elements. There is access to a Mud Kitchen and water run and a tree house for nature studies, bird watching and imaginative play. Children are provided boots in order to experience this environment without ruining their shoes!



Music is a natural and important part of a young child's growth and development. During weekly group music classes, our specialist exposes each child to a rich music program of singing, rhythm, movement, dance and creative dramatics. Four and five-year-old classes learn seasonal songs and present a Christmas musical program. Parents, grandparents and friends are invited to attend  performances. Music takes place in individual classrooms for Toddlers, Christ Quest for 2s and the Music Room for 3s, 4s, & 5s. 


The four and five-year-old classrooms receive 30 minutes of Sign Language instruction each week. The three-year-old classrooms receive 15 minutes of Sign Language instruction each week.