Infants - Toddlers:

Child must be 4 months by August 15 of school year applying for.
A warm and welcoming environment awaits the children attending our infant and toddler classrooms. The children thrive as they are loved and nurtured by their teachers while experiencing music, books and educational toys through which cognitive, tactile and motor skills are enhanced. Teachers foster socialization and development of self-awareness. Children learn through the use of their senses, motor activity and other experiences offered by their teachers. The curriculum focuses on the whole child, incorporating activities to help develop age appropriate cognitive, physical, social and self-help skills. 

Enrichment: Music

Two Year Olds:

​The two-year-old classes provide a caring and enriching environment in which all areas of development are encouraged. Social and emotional growth is stressed. It is through a strong self-image that the children have the confidence to know that their potential for learning is unlimited. Cognitive development is fostered through a creative and stimulating program, which encourages visual, tactile, gross motor and small motor experiences. Art, music, language and science activities geared to little hands and short attention spans are introduced. Activities include water play, make-believe, dress up, block building and motor skill games.   Enrichments: Music

Three Year Olds:

Our three year old classrooms include centers that encompass gross and fine motor development, art and dramatic play activities, as well as experiences in language, math and science. Children role play being grocers, fire fighters, doctors or wherever their imaginations take them. Ordinary wooden blocks become roads, towers, castles and trains. Masterpieces are created daily in the creative art center. Children pour water, make ice, measure and weigh, experiment with sand, work with puzzles, string beads and much more. The daily circle time includes stories and music where the concept of sharing materials and ideas is encouraged.     Enrichments: Music, Sign Language, Chapel, Safety

Four Year Olds:

​​The four year program focuses on the  development of the children’s potential, their individuality and creativity within a loving and accepting atmosphere. The children are given the opportunity to further develop their skills in language, math, science and the creative arts. Foreign language is a regular part of the program. Teachers choose a variety of units that teach important skills as perception, and large and small motor coordination activities. The children are encouraged, guided and exposed to new people, places, activities and experiences that are developmentally appropriate. Our goal is to encourage children to be self-confident, enjoy fellowship with each other and foster a lifelong love of learning. The fours classroom provides a nurturing environment filled with learning experiences that hold true to our teaching philosophy --- a child learns best through developmentally appropriate, age-appropriate play.                                                                                                                      Enrichment: Music, Sign Language, Chapel, Safety, the Outdoor Classroom and Field Trips


​The WCPS Pre-K curriculum is specifically designed to provide educational experiences for the older four and early five year old. The ideal Pre-K candidate would benefit from an extra year of maturity to have the most rewarding Kindergarten experience. We believe children develop social and emotional competency when they are allowed to explore and experience in-depth mastery of skills and social situations in a supportive, small classroom setting. Language enrichment, mathematical game applications and more complex dramatic play environments are among the classroom tools that support the Pre-K classroom. Problem solving, planning, negotiating and experimentation are strategies that further contribute to the classroom experience. Our outdoor games and playground activity offer the opportunity for physical growth and improvement of the large muscle coordination.This class offers the children an extra year of social, emotional, intellectual and physical development in a classroom with a low teacher/student ratio. The five-year-old program allows the child to gain additional academic skills and develop self-confidence which helps prepare them to successfully meet the challenges of kindergarten. 
Enrichments: Music, Sign Language, Chapel, Safety, the Outdoor Classroom and Field trips.

Extended Day:

Extended Day is a time for your child to relax and enjoy an afternoon snack, have free play options (both indoors and out), participate in creative activities, play games and be read to. Our Extended Day staff consist of members of the WCPS staff only.  

The cost for extended days is $25 per day. You must commit to cover your chosen day(s) for an entire session. There is no registration fee. Payment is expected in full with your signed contract. You may extend your child only on the days they are attending preschool. 

Breakfast Club:

Breakfast Club is a time for your child to play with friends, participate in activities and eat breakfast. Our Breakfast Club staff consists of members of the WCPS staff only.

The cost for breakfast club is $22. Breakfast is included. You must commit to cover your chosen day(s) for an entire session. There is no registration fee. Payment is expected in full with your signed contract. You may sign up your child only on the days they are attending preschool. ​​

Summer Camp:

Our summer camp runs for 3 weeks during the summer break. Each week has a fun theme such as Beach Week, Little Artist Week and Camping Out Week. Applications are available on the website starting in the spring. Summer camp is held the same hours as preschool and Breakfast Club and Extended Day are offered. There is a registration fee of $30 per child. Visit the Summer Camp tab for more information. 

Summer Book Club

Summer Book Club is a program created to help working parents with childcare needs during the time when school is out of session. Themes and activities are based on a different children's book each week. There is no registration fee. Visit the Summer Book Club tab for more details. 

Classes are offered Monday – Friday,                             9:30-2:30 PM                        

Children attend 2 days (M/W or T/Th),                     3 days (M/W/F or T/TH/F),                4 days (M-Th) or 5 days

Extended Day is offered Monday - Friday, 2:30-5:00 PM

Breakfast Club is offered Monday - Friday, 7:30-9:30 AM